Art Lunch

Lloyd Sing with Apprentice Mahi’ai Lance La Pierre


The last Tuesday of every month, arts and culture aficionados make their way to the Hawai‘i State Art Museum for the Art Lunch noontime lecture series. Launched in January 2005 as a public engagement project by then Museum Educator Michael Naylor, the series has continued to feature an incredible line-up of notable artists and cultural practitioners under the direction of Susan Hogan, HiSAM’s current Museum Educator since February 2006.

Art Lunch audience members have learned about the visual and performing arts, traditional art forms, cultural practices, and historic preservation. Art Lunch gives the community the chance to meet and speak with artists and cultural practitioners who have received state-wide, national and international recognition for their work.

Over the years, the event has grown increasingly interactive and evolved from a straightforward “lecture” format to more of a meet-the-artist event that often includes a hands-on, participatory experience. Audiences have made prints and mini-books, sung in Japanese and Hawaiian, danced, tried their hands at Chinese opera theatrical sword-fighting, played musical instruments, and even participated in building a “mini-Hawaiian hale”.

“Hawaiian saddlemaker Albert Moniz finished his Art Lunch by bringing the audience with him out on the lawn and cracking a very long bullwhip in the air,” reminisced Museum Educator Susan Hogan. “I will never forget how the sound bounced off Ali‘i Tower with a resounding CRACK!”

Art Lunch has filled the Multipurpose Room with laughter and learning. One of the benefits to HiSAM’s prime downtown location is how accessible the galleries and weekday programs are to all the nearby offices and government buildings. Many people bring a brown bag lunch or purchase a to-go item from the cafe to eat during the ArtLunch presentations.

Whether a state worker in an aloha shirt, a university student on break from class, or visiting tourists on their way to Chinatown, all are invited to join us at HiSAM for an always engaging, diverse line-up. In June, 70 people packed the room for a talk on color by artist Carl Jennings.

Lectures take place from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month in our first-floor Multi-purpose Room. Bring a brown bag lunch and join us.

Check the HiSAM Events Calendar for details on this month’s talk.