Guides to Historical Resources

Guides to Historical Resources

In 2001, the History and Humanities Program was awarded an American Association for State and Local History Certificate of Commendation for its Hawai‘i Statewide Guide to Historical Resources Series. Published between 1986 and 2000, the guides are annotated bibliographies that identify publications and other resources, and the location of the resources in the state. Copies, at the time of publication, were distributed statewide to schools, historical and cultural organizations and libraries. Although out-of-print, the guides continue to be useful to students and researchers of Hawai‘i history.

PDF files of these out-of-print guides can be downloaded with the links below.



Our Arts, Our Land – A Young Reader’s Guide to
Selected Folk Artists of Hawai‘i

Our Arts, Our Land – A Young Reader’s Guide to Selected Folk & Traditional Artists of Hawai‘i is an educational multi-media project that features beautiful color photographs and three-minute audio recordings of each artist. These recordings were originally broadcast by Hawai‘i Public Radio through its series entitled Pacific Visions. The online version, which features text both in English and Hawaiian, is available here: Our Arts, Our Land.