Art in Public Places Collection

underwater photograph of school of fish

School of Akule
by Wayne Levin
Photograph, 2004, 36″ x 54″


The Art in Public Places Collection consists of Relocatable Works of Art (purchases and gifts) and Commissioned Works of Art (permanent and relocatable). Inventory numbers are assigned according to type of artwork. Relocatable Works of Art are solely numerical or begin with the letter “A”. Gifts of Artwork begin with the letter “G”. Commissioned Works of Art begin with the letter “C”. Relocatable Commissions begin with the letter “R”. The images have been watermarked to prevent or deter unauthorized copying of digital media.

To view the collection online, click Art in Public Places Collection. The website will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the APP Collection.

Please contact the Ozzie Kotani, Registrar, at 586-9956 or, or Wanda Anae-Onishi, Collections Manager, at 586-9952 or, for current locations of the works of art, with the exception of Commissioned Works of Art.

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