Image & Imagination

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 in Blog Post, Exhibitions, Past Exhibitions
Lithograph by David B. Smith of tattooed man with a globe overhead with carp

Waiting for Moments of Gladness
by David B. Smith
Lithograph, 1999; 43-1/2″ x 30-1/4″


Image & Imagination
Diamond Head Gallery
September 5, 2014 – August 13, 2016

Image & Imagination is an exhibition of 38 curiosity-inspiring artworks in a variety of media. Drawn from the Art in Public Places Collection, these pieces were selected to act as a catalyst for response in museum visitors. The works all prompt the question, “What was this artist thinking of to create this?” Where possible, the interpretive labels for the exhibition include quotes from the artist that serve as “clues” to their thinking or intentions.

“Art is a launch to imagination,” noted Museum Educator Susan Hogan. “While talking with HiSAM visitors, I’ve found it very interesting that sometimes people find completely different ‘meanings’ in artworks than what the artist had intended – and also different meanings than their own companions find. And that is a good thing. Multiple interpretations add more depth to experiencing art.”

Round metal sculpture with a chevron shaped slit around the top

Artists’ inspirations and views on interpretation are explored in the exhibit and visitors are encouraged to formulate their own ideas about the experience of contemplating artwork. At the interactive wall, visitors can read questions they might consider and answer about their own interpretations – or just record their impressions.

“I think it’s exciting that Image & Imagination will be encouraging people to think about what they are seeing in the museum, to reflect on their own experience and to have a dialogue with each other,” said Renee Ijima, one of the artists in the exhibition. “I personally believe that meaning is what makes art work powerful and capable of bringing us together in our experience as human beings. We carry a lot of shared depth and mystery within us, and we seem to have an innate need to find meaning in our existence.”

Join the conversation – stop by our interactive wall, share your reflections and personal interpretations, then read what other visitors perceive and connect with. The conversation will be extended outside the gallery walls. This month’s Art Lunch scheduled on September 30th features one of the artists included in the show, printmaker David Smith.