53rd Annual Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition: Selected Works (2016)

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Pastel drawing of happy man with big smile, wearing a colorful print flowered shirt
Be Happy

by Ji Eun Yang, Grade 12
University Laboratory School
Teacher: Matthew Miller



A colorful hand holding a paintbrush paints a small canvas of two south Asian Indian figures (a man and woman dressed in colorful garb). Behind them a colorful, shiny statue of the two figures.

A Cultured Hand
by Jasmine Patel, Grade 12
Seabury Hall School
Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood, Plaster, Beads, Nail Polish
Teachers: Lenda McGehee, Wendy Romanchak



Chinatown scene: buther with knife in hand cutting raw meat with customer on other side of counter

The Butcher
by Sean Joshua Lopez, Grade 12
Leilehua High School
Adobe Photoshop
Teacher: Keith Sasada



Black bird photoshopped with black feather shaped pieces on body

Black Bird
by Anthony Giambelluca, Grade 10
Mid-Pacific Institute
Photoshop, Camera
Teacher: Marcie Moura



Photograph of Filipino man rowing on stand-up flat boat

Pinoy Rower
by Ashley Randolph, Grade 11
Leilehua High School
Adobe Photoshop
Teacher: Keith Sasada



Long dress made of black and white cable ties

by Maya Woo, Grade 9
`Iolani School
Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Wire, Cable Ties
Teacher: Holly Chung



A open vessel made of wrapped wire with hexagon pattern, painted bright red, orange and yellow

Fiery Freedom
by Sinautuloa Sataraka, Grade 8
`Iolani School
Copper, Paper, Watercolor Paint, Wire, Wood
Teacher: Holly Chung



Photograph of three young children in silhouette against background of water and mountains

5 Enjoyment
by Faith Hussey, Grade 12
Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus
Adobe Photoshop, DSLR Camera
Teacher: James Dong



Blue and red anatomical heart on white rod with electrical cord coming from it on white base.

by Kyra Tan, Grade 9
`Iolani School
Clay, Enamel Paint, Found Objects, Spray Paint, Wood
Teacher: Holly Chung



Boy standing with back to viewer, his body painted black. He holds a black box over his left shoulder.

by Carter Schneider, Grade 11
Mid-Pacific Institute
D3300 Nikon, Television, Human Body Painted and Photographed, Photoshop
Teacher: Erin Carnes



Painting of a bright orange-red tiger with sky blue streaks on head and body

The Tiger From The Other Side
by June Hsu, Grade 8
Island School
Acrylic Paint, Plexiglass
Teacher: Penny Nichols



Hand with iridescent black bronze rings on index finger to pinkie finger, two to three rings on each finger

by Maya Oda, Grade 9
`Iolani School
Teacher: Evan Tottori



Two Asian boys facing in opposite directions, both with purple hair. Kanji characters between and 8 colors dots, moving from dark purple on left to sienna on the right.

Kim Minseok
by Jayna Wong, Grade 12
St. Andrew’s School
Teacher: Alethia Donathan