54th Annual Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition: Selected Works (2017)

Posted on Feb 12, 2017 in Arts Education, Blog Post, Exhibitions, Hawaii State Art Museum, Past Exhibitions, Scholastic Student Art Awards
A piece of jewelry shaped like a flower pot. A black pot with white flower made from paper stapled to create petals.

Everyday Beauty
by Minami Lum, Grade 8
`Iolani School
Jewelry: Paper, Wire, Staples
Educator: Holly Chung



Painting showing close-up of set of teeth

by Tadum Lee-Reyes, Grade 12
James B Castle High School
Painting: Acrylic Paint
Educator: Casilda Rippard



A white glass sculpture bowl connected by what almost looks like paint splatters with large negative space in between

by Cameron Chang, Grade 12
`Iolani School
Sculpture: Glass
Educator: Evan Tottori



A double necked clay vessel with taro scribed onto the surface.

We Are Haloa
by John Kauhola, Grade 12
Kamehameha Schools – Kapalama
Sculpture: Clay, Black Engobe/Sgraffito
Educators: Donald Harvey, Reid Shigezawa



A sculpture titled "Black Lives Matter." Background shows old year book photos of all white students. On top are Scrabble letters that say BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Black Lives Matter
by Skylar Nakata, Grade 12
`Iolani School
Sculpture: Paper, Wood Tiles, Nails, Acetate
Educator: Holly Chung



A painting titled "Extra Celestial, with a girl with electric teal blue eyes

Extra Celestial
by Summer Strom, Grade 11
Parker School
Digital Art: Union, iColorama
Educator: Heidi Buscher



A three dimensional sculpture of a cup of ramen. Instead of the words "Cup of Soup" on the front of the cup it says "Cup of Dreams." It also had noodles being lifted out of the cup by a pair of chopsticks that hover over the cup.

Cup of Dreams
by Tiana Tran, Grade 12
Le Jardin Academy
Ceramics & Glass:
Acrylic Paint, Clay, Chopsticks
Educators: Amy Manso, Andrea Tam



A black and white photo titled "86 Years." An older Asian woman sits on a bed looking at photographs. A portrait of Jesus is in the background, at the head of the bed.

86 Years
by Tori Wills, Grade 12
Kalaheo High School
Photography: Adobe Photoshop
Educator: Wai Chung Wong