Artists: Prepare for Upcoming Calls for Entry

Posted on Oct 5, 2017 in Art in Public Places, Art in Public Places Collection, Blog Post, Commissioned Works of Art, Email Newsletter

The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts urges visual artists to register with CaFÉ (, a website developed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) to facilitate calls for artists and artwork. The CaFÉ registration is free, secure, and offers access to visual arts opportunities nationwide. There is no charge to artists registering on CaFÉ. If you are a first time user of CaFÉ, please allow adequate time to learn and use this system. We believe that there are many advantages to this digital submission system in terms of artists’ accessibility, cost and environmental issues. Artists will have access to other competition calls for entry, which are being posted on CaFÉ. We encourage you to visit to register and respond to upcoming SFCA calls.

The Art in Public Places Program commissions works of art (original art projects that are contracted by the APP Program) for permanent installation at specific state public places. These project sites, such as state public schools, community colleges, libraries and airports, are identified and proposed for works of art by the SFCA. Funding is requested in the biennial budget, presented within the Executive Budget, to the Hawai‘i State Legislature. Upon approval of the budget, the APP Program convenes an Art Advisory Committee (AAC) for each building or space selected as a project site.

The SFCA posts calls for artists in the State of Hawai‘i for commissioned works of art in public buildings on the CaFÉ website, and artists submit their application online through the CaFÉ website. Applications will not be accepted in any other manner.

For more information please contact:

Karen A. Ewald
Manager, Art in Public Places Program
Director, Hawaii State Art Museum
Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts 
(808) 586-9950