Job Opportunity: Arts Program Specialist III

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Art in Public Places, Blog Post, Employment

The SFCA anticipates an 89-Day Hire for an Arts Program Specialist III (APS III).

APS III Class Specification: Conducts program activities in the development, negotiation and completion of statewide ethno-cultural and arts activities; and performs other duties as required.

APS III Position: The essential functions of this position are:  (1) Contract administration including the design, award, implementation, installation and interpretation for works of art projects (2) Organize and coordinate committees for each work of art project statewide, following established procedures and guidelines (3) Develop and implement interpretive programming (4) Plans and budgets for works of art projects, based on funding resources, department preferences and SFCA priorities and schedules.

Interested applicants may send a resume to Karen Ewald, Art in Public Places Manager, at