SFCA Purchase Recommendations Approved January 2019

The SFCA Board of Commissioners considered the following SFCA Recognition Awards artworks as purchase recommendations for the Art in Public Places Collection of the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts at the General Meeting of January 16, 2019. All purchase recommendations were approved.

Exhibit: “Wahi Pana Auwahi”

Exhibit Location: Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center (Maui)
Exhibit Dates: June 30 – August 3, 2018
AASC VACS:  Ron Yamakawa, Neida Bangerter, Jennifer Owen, Michael Takemoto
SFCA Staff:  Elizabeth Baxter, Karen Ewald, Jonathan Johnson

SFCA Recognition Awards

  • KILLJOY, “Auwahi”
    woodcut print
  • Mazatl, “Alalā”
    woodcut print

Exhibit: “Art Kauaʻi 2018”

Exhibit Location: Kukui Grove Center (Lihue, Kauaʻi)
Exhibit Dates: September 15 – October 27, 2018
AASC VACS:  Sally French, Ron Yamakawa
SFCA Board:  Nalani Brun
SFCA Staff:  Elizabeth Baxter, Karen Ewald

SFCA Recognition Awards

  • Carol Bennett, “Story Stick”
    shellac, India ink, acrylic, resin
  • A. Kimberlin Blackburn, “Sharing”
    glass beads, thread, acrylic on birch
  • Roberta Griffith, “Streetstuff – Caution Tape, Hong Kong”
  • Ray Nitta, “coqueshidahl”
    yellow cedar, colored pencil, Polyfiber
  • Bruna Stude, “Squid Ink No. 5”
    platinum/palladium on Haini kozo

Exhibit: “Hawaiʻi Craftsmen 2018 51st Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition”

Exhibit Location: Honolulu Museum of Art School main gallery (Honolulu, Oʻahu)
Exhibit Dates: October 25 – November 11, 2018
AASC VACS:  Deborah Nehmad, Momi Cazimero, Sean Browne
SFCA Board:  Pat Hamamoto, Allison Wong
SFCA Staff:  Karen Ewald

SFCA Recognition Awards

  • Bai Xin Chen, “Dilate”
  • Christopher Edwards, “Bone Towers (triptych)”
  • Scott Fitzel, “Mahina Hoaka”
    stainless steel, 24K gold, silver
  • Madeleine Soder, “VEINS”
    silk organza and thread
  • Jonathan Swanz “Saddle Wrasse”
    blown and carved glass

Exhibit: “Pink”

Exhibit Location: University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa, Commons Gallery (Honolulu, Oʻahu)
Exhibit Dates: November 5 – 30, 2018
AASC VACS:  Mary Babcock, Noreen Naughton
SFCA Board:  Allison Wong
SFCA Staff:  Elizabeth Baxter, Karen Ewald

SFCA Recognition Awards

  • Debra Drexler “Cone of Uncertainty”
    acrylic on canvas
  • Kalani Largusa “Untitled”
    acrylic and water-based media on canvas

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