Artistic Teaching Partnerships Fellowship

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 in Arts Education, ATP Fellowship, Blog Post

Artistic Teaching Partnerships Fellowship

With a special one-time-only opportunity provided by a legislative appropriation for fiscal year 2019, the SFCA has designed a year-long Artistic Teaching Partnerships Fellowship. This program is to reward excellence in teaching artistry, as teaching artists are critical to the state’s cultural well-being. Teaching artists in Hawaiʻi are productive in their own studios as well as in educational settings, where they foster the creativity of young people and help realize a number benefits both within and beyond the classroom.

The new fellowship will award unrestricted grants to artists on SFCA’s Fiscal Year 2019 Artistic Teaching Partners roster who have applied for at least one Artists in the Schools grant and/or have conducted residencies at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum through the Art Bento Program for the last five consecutive years.

2019 Artistic Teaching Partners Fellows

  • Michael Cowell (drama)
  • Daniel Kelin II (drama)
  • Marcia Pasqua (visual arts)
  • Mauliola Cook (dance)
  • Vicki Robbins (dance)
  • Elizabeth Train (visual arts)
  • Lynn Young (visual arts)
  • Meleanna Meyer (visual arts)
  • Michael Wall (music)
  • Lisa-Louise Adams (visual arts)
  • James McCarthy (drama, music)
  • Bonnie Kim (drama, puppetry)

The SFCA is also working to incorporate the required presentation by fellows into community events, including events at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum. Events can be found on our event calendar: ATP Fellow Events on the SFCA Event Calendar.