SFCA Art Acquisition Committee Visits Approved (January 2020)

Posted on Mar 9, 2020 in Acquisition Award Selection Committee, Art in Public Places Collection, Art in Public Places Program, Blog Post, Relocatable Works of Art

Approved Acquisition Award Selection Committee visits, January 2020

The role of the Acquisition Award Selection Committee (AASC) is to make recommendations to the SFCA regarding the purchase of works of art, including the review, nomination, evaluation and selection of the recommended artworks for acquisition. The AASC is generally composed of SFCA commissioners, staff members, and visual arts consultants.

Upcoming Exhibit Visit

On January 15, 2020, the SFCA Board of Commissioners approved AASC visits to this upcoming exhibit:

Fiber Hawaii

Exhibit Title: “Fiber Hawaii: In, Of, or About Fiber”
Exhibit Location: Gallery Iolani, Windward Community College.
Exhibit Type: Fiber, juried.
Exhibit Dates: April 3 – May 3, 2020.

About AASCs

For more information on AASCs, including how to invite a committee to an exhibit, or to volunteer as a visual art consultant: Art in Public Places Relocatable Works of Art. For more information about specific exhibits, please contact the exhibit host organizations.

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