About ARTS FIRST Partners


In 1999, the Hawai‘i State Legislature enacted ACT 80, which called for Hawaii’s major stakeholders in arts education to revise the state’s Fine Arts Standards and develop a statewide strategic plan for arts education. In 2001, ACT 306 named the ARTS FIRST Partners and mandated implementation of the Strategic Plan. For a one-page summary of the Partnership’s history: Partnership History (PDF).


ARTS First Affiliate Partners

Participate as an Affiliate Partner

ARTS FIRST Partners invites entities interested in participating as affiliate partners to contact the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (email: [email protected]).  We seek partners who will contribute resources and expertise toward reaching the AFP strategic plan goals.

Role of the SFCA

As the convening agency of the ARTS FIRST Partners, the SFCA:

  • Compiles and files annual AFP progress reports to the Legislature.
  • Convenes quarterly meetings of Partner representatives.
  • Facilitates communication among the Partners.

ARTS First Partners Annual Report

Goal Implementation and Revenues are reported annually in the SFCA’s Annual Report to the State Legislature.

SFCA 2019 Annual Report PDF (ARTS FIRST Partners report pages 34 – 35)