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Lithograph by David B. Smith of tattooed man with a globe overhead with carp

Waiting for Moments of Gladness
by David B. Smith
Lithograph, 1999; 43-1/2″ x 30-1/4″

Image & Imagination


Maui Releasing the Sunby Shige YamadaCast Bronze Sculpture, 1991; 15-3/4" x 8-1/2"x 5-1/4"

Maui Releasing the Sun
by Shige Yamada
Cast Bronze Sculpture, 1991; 15-3/4″ x 8-1/2″
x 5-1/4″

Enriched by Diversity


Painting of Waimea Canyon, Kaua‘i by D. Howard Hitchcock

Waimea Canyon, Kaua‘i
by D. Howard Hitchcock
Oil on Canvas, 1909;
29-1/2″ x 39-1/2″

He Makana: The Gertrude Mary
Joan Damon Haig Collection of
Hawaiian Art, Painting and Prints


Painting of woman on shore holding leis as the Hokule‘a approaches

Hokule‘a Lei Greeting
by Kathleen Carr

Voyaging: The Art of Wayfinding


Makiki by Allyn BromleyMonoprint, 1992;59" x 49-1/2"

by Allyn Bromley
Monoprint, 1992;
59″ x 49-1/2″

Where We Live: Places of Hawai‘i