Hawai‘i Compliance Express (HCE)

Doing Business With the State of Hawaiʻi

Contractors (including artists) and vendors may be required to provide an Hawaiʻi Compliance Express Certificate of Vendor Compliance (HCE Certificate of Compliance). To get this certificate, you will also need a State of Hawaiʻi General Excise Tax License (Hawaiʻi GE Tax License).

About the Certificate of Vendor Compliance

This single certificate eliminates the need to obtain individual copies of clearances with the IRS, Department of Labor, DCCA, and State tax offices. The service includes real time monitoring of your status of compliance with each agency and you will be automatically notified by email any time your compliance status is changed.

Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) Resources

General Excise Tax License Resources

If you do not have a State of Hawaiʻi General Excise Tax License (Hawaii GE Tax License):
• Hawaii Business Express, for registering a business and obtaining a Hawaii GE Tax License from the Department of Taxation: https://hbe.ehawaii.gov/BizEx/home.eb.
• US Small Business Administration, for assistance with topics including choosing a business structure: https://www.sba.gov/business-guide.

If you are not sure if your Hawaii GE Tax License is still active, you can search for your tax license on the Department of Taxation’s website: https://hitax.hawaii.gov.

Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) Resources

• To register your business with HCE, renew an already registered business, and view or print your HCE Certificate of Vendor Compliance: https://vendors.ehawaii.gov/hce/.
• HCE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): http://spo.hawaii.gov/faqs/#tabs-4.