Second Saturday

Young girl holding her quilting work at Second Saturday

Fun with quilting at Second Saturday

About Second Saturday

HiSAM’s popular Second Saturday program features free hands-on art activities presented by professional artists and arts organizations. Participants come from all age groups and all segments of society: multi-generational families, young couples, elder groups, work friends, Big Brothers Big Sisters, group homes, tourists, teachers, homeschooling families, and hopefully you and your ohana as well!

Activities are designed to let everyone’s inner artist off the leash. Visitors play in clay, think in ink, collaborate with collage, and get creative with a range of artistic mediums such as printmaking, weaving, stop-motion animation, and more. The monthly programs also incorporate the artworks on view in HiSAM galleries as well as performance arts such as dance, storytelling or song.


Regular presenters include recipients of the State Foundation’s Biennium Grants and other community favorites such as the Hawai‘i Craftsmen, Hawaii Potters’ Guild, Hawai‘i Watercolor Society, UHM Academy for Creative Media, the Lauhala Hui, and the Hawaii Stitchery & Fibre Arts Guild.

What to Expect

Drop in at any time during activity hours, allowing at least 30 minutes to complete a project. There may be a waiting list for some activities.
“The artists serve as guides and resources. For Second Saturday, the less formal instruction the better,” says Susan Hogan, Museum Educator. “People like being set free to create and find their own unique approach to working with materials.”

Some Saturdays get especially wild and woolly. HiSAM volunteers and staff led a creative hat- making workshop that reached new heights of fancy. And Greywolf and the Golden Horde set up camp on the front lawn to demonstrate sparring, archery and other Mongolian warrior arts.

The diversity of arts showcased at Second Saturday inspires many regulars. One parent declared, “We come with the whole family every month. We love to learn new ways to get creative.” In support of the State Foundation’s mandate and mission to “promote, perpetuate, preserve and encourage culture and the arts,” Second Saturday offers an accessible pathway to the arts for the people of Hawai‘i.

“Last month’s quilting activity was a huge success with my family. I was a bit skeptical about sending my four- and five-year old grandchildren to that, but they and their mother all enjoyed it so much and were so enthusiastically involved,” wrote Lei H. in a thank you email to staff. “We are a poor but resourceful Mom and Tutu who work hard to educate and stimulate our two little charges as well as we can. Your museum has made a great success of the arts portion of our homeschool curriculum.”


Museum galleries on the second floor, including the “I Love Art” hands-on activity gallery, are also open on Saturday. There is a water fountain on the ground floor by the cafe area, however, the museum cafe is closed on Saturdays. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages to eat in the cafe area or on the front lawn.


Second Saturday activities are typically on the ground floor of the No. 1 Capitol District Building. There is an accessible ramp on the Richards St. side of the building, by the pullover area (marked with posts), as well as the front entry gate on South Hotel St. behind the bus stop.

Upcoming Activities

Check our News & Events posts for details on upcoming free activities.