Art in Public Places Collection: Feature (9-16-2022)

September 16, 2022

Three artworks from the SFCA’s Art in Public Places Collection: “Morning eyes” by Carlson Mun, “Pele’s Forest” by Guy Buffet, and “Clear Space” by Arthur Secunda. These artworks are currently installed at the State Attorney General’s office.

“Morning Eyes” by Carlson Mun, collage, 1971. Acquired from the Honolulu Community College Student Art Show, May 1971, McInerny’s Department Store, Ala Moana Shopping Center.
“Pele’s Forest” by Guy Buffet, mixed media, circa 1977. “I invite the viewer to share my experience. I take you into my world like a guest into my home. I want you to be comfortable, relaxed, happy; to forget about problems and sorrows.” – Guy Buffet.
“Clear Space” by Arthur Secunda, serigraph print. Acquired from the 1981 Honolulu Printmakers annual exhibition at the Amfac Plaza Gallery.

The objectives of the SFCA’s Art in Public Places Program (APP Program) are to enhance the environmental quality of public buildings and spaces throughout the state for the enjoyment and enrichment of the public; to cultivate the public’s awareness of visual arts in all media, styles, and techniques; to contribute to the development and recognition of a professional artistic community; and to acquire, interpret, preserve, and display works of art expressive of the Hawaiian islands, the multicultural heritages of its people, and the creative interests of its artists. Works of art in the SFCA’s Art in Public Places Collection (part of the APP Program) are exhibited statewide in public schools, libraries, airports, and hospitals, State office buildings, and the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum.

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