Art in Public Places Collection: Recent Acquisitions (January 2023)

March 9, 2023
Two framed photographs. On the left, a group of banana plants with dry, light brown leaves. On the right, the same group of banana plants with bright green leaves.

On January 31, 2023, the SFCA Board of Commissioners approved the acquisition of 12 artworks for the SFCA Art in Public Places Collection. All of the works were nominated by committees visiting Hawaiʻi exhibitions. A list of artworks recently approved for acquisition (purchase or gift) can be viewed on our Art in Public Places Program page, along with information about to invite a committee to an exhibit and a link to the Art in Public Places Collection online photo album of artworks.

Exhibit: Mālama Wao Akua (Realm of the Gods) 2023, Hui Noʻeau Visual Arts Center

  • “The Culling of Man” block print by Clifford Snyder
  • “Fronds, Fruit, and Inflorescence” block printed paper quilt by Susanna Cromwell

Exhibit: Art Kauaʻi 2022, Kauaʻi Society of Artists at Kukui Grove Center

  • “Sequence” oil on wood panel painting by Evelin Caris
  • “Untitled” stainless steel, brass, and milo wood sculpture by Rowland Morita

Hawaiʻi Craftsmen Annual Statewide Exhibition 2022, Downtown Art Center

  • “Nuj Maga (Big Mouth)” coconut front and coconut husk sennit woven vessel by Vilsoni Hereniko
  • “Naʻau” amata paper, kapa cloth, and composition gold leaf sculpture by Rd Manzano
  • “Tattooed Makau” glass sculpture by Daniel Moe
  • “Vessel of Creation” vessel woven from fibers from coconut husk, hau, and Sansevieria plants by Bon Moore
  • “Tall Basket of Dreams” ceramic sculpture by Mark White

Exhibit: Lure of the Local(e), Aupuni Space

  • “Aloha Wear(y)” archival ink jet print by Brandon Ng
  • “Banana Tree (Winter) Banana Tree (Summer)” archival ink jet print by Brandon Ng
  • “Chinoiserie” archival ink jet print by Brandon Ng

Image: “Banana Tree (Winter) Banana Tree (Summer)” archival ink jet print by Brandon Ng, Art in Public Places Collection of the Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (SFCA). Acquired from the “Lure of the Local(e)” exhibit at Aupuni Space.

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