Relocatable Works of Art

The Relocatable Works of Art Program (RWA) purchases works for temporary installation at specific state public places, including the Hawai‘i State Art Museum. These artworks, also known as Relocatable Works of Art, are intended for rotation among state buildings throughout Hawai‘i in order that the widest possible audiences throughout the state have access to view these works. The budget for purchasing works of art is proposed by the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (SFCA) in its biennial budget that is presented within the Executive Budget to the Hawai‘i State Legislature. Throughout the year, designated Art in Public Places Program staff recommend site visits to special exhibitions and, on occasion, master artists’ studios to view work and, when appropriate, to acquire works of art. Currently, the SFCA primarily considers attending significant public juried exhibitions held within the state. Upon approval of the sites, the RWA Program staff convenes an Acquisition Award Selection Committee to each exhibition or studio visit.

Acquisition Award Selection Committees

The role of the Acquisition Award Selection Committees (AASC) is to make recommendations to the SFCA regarding the purchase of works of art, including the review, nomination, evaluation and selection of the recommended artworks for acquisition. The SFCA appoints the members of the AASC, which is generally composed of SFCA commissioners, SFCA staff members, and Visual Arts Consultants. A quorum of four committee members must be present to conduct the selection process and develop recommendations.

Art Selection Process

Each AASC member is given the SFCA procedures and guidelines that define the purpose, role, responsibilities, and criteria to be followed in recommending works of art to be selected. For each acquisition visit, each AASC member may nominate up to five works of art, all of which will be evaluated by the committee as a whole. After the evaluations are completed, the committee votes on the nominations to determine which work of art will receive an SFCA Recognition Award. The AASC presents Recognition Awards only by consensus and is not obligated to make awards if no suitable works are available during a site visit.

The presentation of an SFCA Recognition Award means that the particular work of art has been given a recommendation for purchase. It does not mean that the SFCA necessarily has purchased or will purchase that particular work of art.

The Relocatable Works of Art Program (RWA) periodically presents its award recommendations to the SFCA Commission. The Commission makes its final decision by, if possible, viewing the actual artworks recommended by the AASC. If the Commission decides not to acquire a recommended artwork for the Relocatable Works of Art Collection, then the work of art is returned to the artist or representing organization.

Payment for a purchased work of art is not released until the Commission has given its approval and the RWA Program has received the artwork in sound condition. If the SFCA receives any work of art, intended for purchase, in damaged condition, that work of art is returned to the artist or agency with compensation only for shipping and handling costs.

Call for Visual Arts Consultants

The Art in Public Places Program seeks volunteers with expertise and knowledge in the visual arts field to serve as visual arts consultants on Art Advisory Committees and Acquisition Award Selection Committees. The role of the Art Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the SFCA regarding the development and design of a given commissioned art project, including location, medium, distinguishing features of the artwork, and selection of the artist. The role of the Acquisition Award Selection Committees is to review and make recommendations regarding the purchase of works of art. The State Foundation appoints the committee members — generally composed of two SFCA commissioners, two staff members, and three visual arts consultants. The application form is available here: Visual Art Consultant Application.

Request An Exhibition Visit By An Acquisition Award Selection Committee

Eligible museums, galleries and arts organizations can request that a SFCA Acquisition Award Selection Committee visit an exhibition as part of the ongoing art acquisition process for the Art in Public Places Collection. To request a committee visit, please read the Acquisition Award Selection Committee Exhibition Visit Guidelines Form carefully and submit a completed request form to the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, 250 South Hotel Street, 2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813, Attn: APP Program – AASC. Requests must be received at least 6 months prior to the exhibition opening date.

Questions? Contact Karen Ewald, Art in Public Places Program Manager, at (808) 586-9950 or

Search the Art in Public Places Collection online catalog

The Art in Public Places Collection can be viewed online and searched by artist name, artwork title, type of media, and more: Search the Art in Public Places Collection. You can also search the Public Art Archive or the Locate Public Art web app for permanently installed artworks in the collection, such as sculptures at public buildings.