About the Artistic Teaching Partner

Artist Statement

I believe that there’s an artist in everyone.  I love helping students discover their creativity and self-expression. It is joyful and rewarding to see them finding new and different ways of looking at things around them and coming up with creative and innovative solutions. Arts education utilizes learning styles, such as multi-sensory learning and emotive learning which are not emphasized in typical analytical learning. I believe that arts education, especially the arts integrated learning offers students more holistic and broader learning experiences. Arts education also provides opportunities for students to excel in other areas that are not tapped into in a traditional classroom setting. The joy of art-making, creative exploration and learning through the arts are focused in various residencies I offer. I provide residencies in drama, puppetry, masks, creative movement, and Korean dance & music.

Artist Biography

Bonnie Kim, multidisciplinary & puppet artist and teaching artist based on Hawaiʻi Island, received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, focusing on arts education with puppetry, masks and movement. Her passion for puppetry has led her to travel to study and create various types of puppetry works, such as giant puppets, hand puppets, Czech marionettes, shadow puppets and rod puppets in the United States, Europe and Asia. Her puppet shows and works have been presented in Hawaiʻi, US mainland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. She has also done numerous collaborative multidisciplinary projects with other artists in Hawaiʻi, Europe and Asia. 


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About the Artistic Teaching Partner Roster

The Artistic Teaching Partners (ATP) Roster is an adjudicated directory of Hawai‘i professional teaching artists qualified to conduct in-depth residencies in educational settings. Each artist or arts organization has a page in the directory with contact information, a short bio, and an artist statement. The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts draws from this roster for arts education programs including Art Bento at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum and Artists in the Schools.