About the Artistic Teaching Partner

Artist Statement

  • GLO Songs Curriculum: Students explore the General Learner Outcomes (GLO) and the importance of behavioral self-management. From this material they compose their own “Classroom Culture Songs.”
  • Playful Percussion: Students create and perform a polyrhythm on drums, agogo bells, claves and maracas – and choreograph an interpretive dance based on researching life in a traditional village.
  • Sound Stories: Children use musical instruments to interpret characters and verbs, develop expressive reading, acting, self-management and teamwork.
  • Science Soundscape: Students study and portray the elements of a Habitat musically, and create a Visual Score that displays their research and guides the performance. 

My goals are for children to feel the joy of playing an instrument, and experience the value of teamwork. Students discover that making mistakes is an acceptable and important part of learning, and practice focus and concentration in fun ways.

My residencies help children integrate State of Hawaiʻi Department Of Education (DOE) standards-based musical concepts and can be tailored to address math, language arts, social studies, and world history benchmarks.

Artist Biography

Michael Wall has led activity-based, life-skill learning programs for over 30 years and is the author of the book, “Live Your Dreams”. Michael was the curriculum designer and course leader for the 10-day Discovery Accelerated Learning Program for Teens in New Zealand and Australia. Michael has served as the Music Educator for the Arts First Summer Institute and has completed both the Kennedy Center and Reflective Teaching Artist workshops. His adult team-building program “Rhythms of Change” was featured on KHNL-TV’s “Hawaiian Moving Company.”


Children in a classroom raising their hands

About the Artistic Teaching Partner Roster

The Artistic Teaching Partners (ATP) Roster is an adjudicated directory of Hawai‘i professional teaching artists qualified to conduct in-depth residencies in educational settings. Each artist or arts organization has a page in the directory with contact information, a short bio, and an artist statement. The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts draws from this roster for arts education programs including Art Bento at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum and Artists in the Schools.