Biennium Grants: Intent to Apply Due August 31

August 24, 2022

Funding for community projects! The SFCA Biennium Grants Program is open to professionally recognized nonprofit arts, culture, or humanities organizations with a 501(c)3 federal tax exempt determination letter from the IRS. A Biennium Grant can be requested in the amount of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000. A 1:1 match is required. Applicants may submit an application for a project to one of the following categories:

  • Heritage/Preservation (Culture)
  • Community Arts, Community Development, Arts and Healing (Engagement)
  • Arts Education (Education)
  • Presentation/Performing Arts (The Arts)

How to Apply

The first step in applying is the Intent to Apply, due Wednesday August 31, 2022. Organizations must file the Intent to Apply in order to apply for the grant. Learn more about the process and get started at our grant portal:

Recent Projects

Recent projects funded by the SFCA Biennium Grants Program include workshops by the Molokaʻi Arts Center, the Hawaiʻi Steel Guitar Festivals and Showcases by Hawaiʻi Institute for Music Enrichment and Learning Experiences (HI MELE), and Kahilu Theatre educational livestreams and classes.

Grantee: Molokaʻi Arts Center

A group of people teaching and learning lei hulu during a Mala Kukui workshop.

Grant Award: $15,000
Project Title: Mala Kukui
Project Summary: “The Malu Kukui Project presented six workshops that focused on five cultural arts, five lectures about their specific histories, and an apprenticeship component which brought together the Kupuna/kumu (master/teacher) with both Makua (adult learners, age 23 and up) and ‘Opio (students age 16-22): One participant attended with her daughter and thanked the Molokaʻi Arts Center and State Foundation on Culture and the Arts repeatedly because she never thought she would be able to share the experience of her native art with her daughter in a structured class.”

A kupuna also commented that she grew up knowing people who did these art forms but never had the opportunity to learn herself.”

Grantee: Hawaiʻi Institute for Music Enrichment and Learning Experiences

Performers in the Maui livestream for the Hawaiʻi Steel Guitar Festivals and Showcases.

Grant Award: $15,000
Project Title: Hawaiʻi Steel Guitar Festivals and Showcases
Project Summary: “In-person music festivals and virtual livestream music presentations. The livestreamed music presentations were developed and implemented in 2020 as a pivot due to the pandemic and have been continued on a monthly basis. Presented under the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase (Facebook and website), the programs comprise two hours of Hawaiian steel guitar performances in three categories: Livestream Steel Guitar Saturdays featuring popular Hawaiian steel guitarists, Livestream Kanikapila allowing the viewing audience to play along or enjoy the music performances by an all-star band that includes Hawaiian steel guitarists, and Livestream Open Stage where viewers from all over the world are invited to submit steel guitar performance videos for broadcast.

Livestream broadcasts provide the ability to expand the delivery of Hawaiian music culture, and the Hawaiian steel guitar beyond the limitations of a physical event venue. Hearing and seeing performances in person has a lasting effect and helps promote and perpetuate the importance of Hawaiian music, culture, and the Hawaiian steel guitar.”

Grantee: Kahilu Theatre Foundation

Kahilu Youth Troupe in a global theatrical event.

Grant Award: $15,000
Project Title: Kahilu Theatre 2021-2022 Season
Project Summary: “The season consisted of produce 25 main stage productions, 123 arts classes, and the 6t Annual Juried Exhibit “Brilliance of Now” exhibition featuring 27 artists and over 60 works of art. We were able to provide educational livestreams serving 27 schools through Kahilu’s arts education program, and resume Kahilu Performing Arts Classes. All of the programs served a total audience in excess of 15,000, both virtually and in-person.

We embarked on an educational livestream program that engaged 27 schools and student centers with the 19th Annual ‘Ukulele and Slack Key Guitar Festival. The festival musicians mentored students in elementary, middle, high schools, and homeschools throughout West Hawai‘i.”

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