It’s Your Art: Waipahu Public Library

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 in Art in Public Places, Art in Public Places Collection, Blog Post, Relocatable Works of Art

The SFCA Exhibit Specialists recently refreshed the artwork display at the Waipahu Public Library. Currently on view at the library are works by Francisco Clemente (Coconut Dream II), Linda Iwamoto (Crossfire), Victor Kobayashi (Solstice Pinchpot), Wayne Levin (Immersed, Honaunau, Hawai`i), Harue McVay (Manu), R.G. Michaelis (Rosebud Vessel), Rick Mills (Latticino Bowl), Hiroyuki Momose (Salute), S. Kay Mura (Cat Dancer Inspired by Shiva Overcomes the Demon of Love), John Mydock (Natural Edge Tangerine Vase), Takashi Nakazato (Large Bowl), Scott Sullivan (Kalakupua), Wan Man To (Common People #1), and Sally W. Worcestor (Jacaranda Mist). Additional artworks currently scheduled for installation at the library: Jackie Mild Lau (The Three Not So Little Pigs & The Not So Big Not So Bad Wolf), Harue McVay (Cuttlepus 2), Yukio Ozaki (Story-Book Mountain), and Cynthia Tsukahara (Big Top).

a person holds a display case in place over a statue of a dancing cat

Artworks at the Waipahu Public Library – from left to right, Kalakupua / Scott Sullivan / hollow wood form of Norfolk Island pine, Koa / 2001, Cat Dancer Inspired by Shiva Overcomes the Demon of Love / S. Kay Mura / terra cotta sculpture / 1994, and Crossfire / Linda Iwamoto / fiber basket / 1986. All works from the Art in Public Places Collection of the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

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A version of this article was originally published in the July 2017 issue of the SFCA eNews email newsletter.