“Containment” at HiSAM

September 17, 2021
Entry wall for "Containment" exhibit

A new exhibit has opened at the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum (HiSAM): “Containment”.

About the Exhibit

“The word containment suggests a sense of physicality and an emphasis on structure. To contain implies keeping something within, setting limits or boundaries, and yet at the same time keeping other things out. These ideas apply to objects and humans, in addition to emotion and spirit. This exhibition showcases artworks that explore containment through a variety of artistic depictions and approaches, ranging from traditional and nontraditional vessels, abstracted forms, and representations of architectural structures as containers for objects, as well as for individuals and their lives.” – Elizabeth “Eli” Baxter, SFCA Art in Public Places Curator

September 2021 – closure date to be determined.

Get a peek at the exhibit in this 20-second video, showing multiple views of the “Containment” exhibit.


Derek Bencomo, Chris Churchill, Jonathan Y. Clark, Double Dog Dare Studio, Christopher Edwards, Richard Frooman, Jane E. Goldman, Linda Gue, Lynda Hess, Kelly S. Hestir, Patricia Hickman, Randy Hokushin, Joshua Holzmann, Imaikalani Kalahele, Russ Katto, James Knudsen, Pat Kramer, Seiji Kunishima, Kirk Kurokawa, Bon Moore, Rowena Otremba, Jennifer Owen, Yukio Ozaki, Margo Ray, Yoshitomo Saito, Mari Sakamoto, Norman Shapiro, Laura Smith, Paul Soldner, Jonathan Swanz, Toshiko Takaezu, Lonny Tomono, Sharon Twigg-Smith, David Vitarelli, Tony Walholm, Shannon Webb, Jean Williams, Wilfred Yamazawa

Admission and Hours

Museum admission is free. HiSAM is operated by the SFCA as a part of the SFCA Art in Public Places Program, as a benefit to Hawaiʻi residents and visitors.

The museum is open Monday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Holiday closures: Thursday November 11 (Veterans’ Day), Thursday November 25 (Thanksgiving Day), and Friday December 24 (Christmas).

Telephone: (808) 586-0900

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