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Biennium Grants FY2017-FY2019

Call for FY2017 – FY2019 Biennium Grant Program Community Peer Panelists

SFCA 2017 Biennium Grants

In Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017), $500,000 was disbursed to organizations through the Biennium Grants Program, one of the core pillars of the State Foundation’s commitment to promote, perpetuate, preserve and encourage culture and the arts. Grants are awarded in five categories: Arts Education, Community Arts, Heritage & Preservation, Presentation, and Performing Arts. A list of the grantees for Fiscal Year 2017 is available in the SFCA’s Annual Report: FY2016-2017 SFCA Annual Report.

The Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts provides public funds via its SFCA Biennium Grants Program to support projects designed to preserve and further culture, the arts, history, and/or the humanities beneficial to Hawai‘i. The legal provisions of the Biennium Grants Program are in Sections 9-11 through 9-18 of the Hawai‘i Revised Statutes. The Grants Program budget is contingent on the State fiscal biennium and appropriations from the Hawai‘i State Legislature.

Through this program, funding is awarded to organizations conducting programming in the arts, culture, history and the humanities that benefit the people of Hawai‘i. Updates regarding submission deadlines, grant workshops, etc. can be found on the Ko‘o Hana Noeau website at

Biennium Grants Program Guidelines are available here: Grant Guidelines.

Application Process

For information regarding the Biennium Grant Program Application Process, click on the Ko‘o Hana No‘eau link below.

Ko'o Hana No'eau Biennium Grants Program logo

All original grant proposals, revised proposals, and final reports are to be completed using the Ko‘o Hana No‘eau Electronic Grants System. Grantees may access the system through their respective organization’s user name and password. If you misplace your user name or password or both, please call (808) 586-0840. To enter the system, click here:


The SFCA Biennium Grants are awarded for a two-year period. During the application period, all applications received by the application deadline are considered. Applicants are subject to meeting Chapter 9 eligibility requirements and policies established by the SFCA. Grants Panels review the applications and submit their recommendations. The SFCA Board of Commissioners has final approval of the recommendations. Grants are subject to available funding; for more information, click on SFCA Biennium Grants Allocations Policy.

All forms and reports should be submitted through Ko’o Hana No’eau. The following PDFs are only to be used in the event that Ko’o Hana No’eau is offline.

Grants Final Project Report FY19
Grants Instructions Contract FY19
Grants Method Of Payment FY19
Grants Revised Proposal FY19


For more information about the Biennium Grants Program, call Charles Medeiros at (808) 586-0309.