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The Artists in the Schools (AITS) Program is under the jurisdiction of the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (HSFCA). We are pleased to have AITS as one of our programs, as arts education is a top priority in the HSCA Strategic Plan: “Strengthen arts education pre-K through 12 and plan for lifelong learning.” The AITS Program provides an engaging, creative and fun learning experience based on the Fine Arts standards, through residencies with qualified teaching artists from the Artistic Teaching Partners (ATP) Roster. Many of these artists integrate their art form with other core curriculum areas, such as language arts, math, social studies, and science, meeting both Fine Arts and other core standards.

All public schools, including charter schools, are eligible to apply to the HSFCA for grants of up to $6,000 per school for artist residencies. Schools must use a teaching artist from the HSFCA’s Artistic Teaching Partners Roster. A residency consists of 5-8 or more sessions by the artist with the same students. The learning experiences must support the Fine Arts Standards from the Department of Education Hawai‘i Content and Performance Standards III. Schools must contribute 10 percent of the grant amount received, in cash, towards residency expenses.

The Hawaii Community Foundation has been generously contributing matching funds to the AITS Program since 2008-2009, totaling over $1.5 million to date. In the 2014-2015 school year, 91 schools will receive AITS grants.

The deadline for 2014-2015 AITS grant applications was May 1, 2014. Selected schools will be notified as soon as the funding is secured (possibly in Fall 2014). Please note that schools will receive their grants only if and when the HSFCA receives the necessary funding.

The application form and other materials pertaining to the HSFCA Artists in the Schools 2014-2015 Program are available here.

Application Forms

Artists-in-the-Schools Forms and Documents

2014-2015 AITS Partnership Grant Application Guidelines (11 pg PDF)
2014-2015 AITS Partnership Grant Application Forms (5 pg writeable Word doc)
2014-2015 AITS Partnership Grant Application Budget Form (1 pg spreadsheet)

Artistic Teaching Partners Forms and Documents
[The deadline has passed. Information is here for reference purposes.]

2013 ATP Application, Guidelines & Instructions (PDF)
2013 ATP Roster Application Step 1: Letter of Intent (writeable Word Doc)
2013 ATP Roster Application Step 2: Forms (writeable Word Doc)
2013 ATP Roster Application Step 3: Forms (writeable Word Doc)


For more information on the Arts Education Program, contact Vivien Lee, Arts Program Specialist, via email at or call (808) 586-0768.

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